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Papa Jackson's BBQ sauce was born out of the family Barbecue restaurant Ribbin's BBQ. The restaurant was established in 1986 and ran successfully for 10 years in Ballard Washington. During that time many positive restaurant reviews were given to the business and all of them centered on BBQ sauce.


Papa Jackson BBQ sauce combines the dominate flavors from 3 renown sauce havens in the country. It's precise blends of herbs and spices make it a culinary delight.


Three unique styles of sauce are Texas with it's Mexican influence; Louisiana with it's creole and French influence and, in Kansas City with it's Italian influence. Papa Jackson BBQ sauce has bridged all three unique styles by introducing 6 fabulous spicy flavors inclusive of Hot Spicy, Mild, Sweet Honey, Louisiana Hot Wing, Chipotle & JalapeƱo, and East Asian Sweet Chile.

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